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Jean Blais


Candid Photography 


Directing a corporate video  for École 

Supérieur de Danse du Québec, I was able to be part of the young dancers last rehearsal at the ballet school before the Year's event at Place des Arts. We would be filming  the day before the grand evening and this was a great chance for me to capture exciting moments in the dance studios while the kids where preparing themselves.  I had to be very discret and fast, so I shot all the images at point blank, extending my arm rapidly to grasp every possible angles without even looking in the camera. Because of my experience shooting people and events, I could frame every shot intuitively. The lighting conditions, mostly from the neons and a few windows, limited my options for taking action images.   Still, the speed I could get would create some blur in the dancers body movements which, I tought, would add to the overall romantic effect of classical danse tradition.





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Photographie commerciale et éditoriale 

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